VOTWEAR: Elite and Revolutionary Fitness For All

The future of fitness has been around a lot longer than you think. Since the 70s, a fitness phenomenon known as occlusion training has been drawing attention, research, and praise from all kinds of athletes and scientists across the world. Former pro athlete Mehdi Ettehadulhagh recognized the power of this fitness technique in transforming the way we exercise, and together with his brothers, he has spearheaded a campaign to bring occlusion training and supportive smartwear gear to the homes of every interested athlete. From elite to beginner, VOTWEAR and their occlusion training line have the products and support you need to transform the way you work out.

The VOTWEAR team has developed revolutionary products through a successful business model that continues to climb to new heights. But just what helped them and VOTWEAR find their footing, especially in today’s economic climate? The Ettehadulhagh brothers have been hard at work for years to create the VOTWEAR brand, and the secret to their success has been hard work, research, and dedication to the mission of the brand: creating powerful and personalized fitness that’s available to everyone.

VOTWEAR’s journey started almost six years ago when co-founder Mehdi Ettehadulhagh first learned about occlusion training in 2015. Mehdi is a former pro athlete, once competing on the Norwegian national track and field team until a career-ending injury sent him to pursue sports medicine in 2018. During his time as a professional athlete and as a student of sports medicine, Mehdi discovered occlusion training. At the time, no one knew what occlusion training did for our physiology or our workout progress despite research that’s been ongoing since the 1970s. Mehdi committed himself to study the benefits of occlusion training and research and discovered a powerful truth: venous occlusion training has a huge benefit to people who are ready to push their workouts to the max, expanding past their limits or building muscle strength from the ground up. Whether an elite athlete, a senior citizen or somewhere in between, occlusion training can help any level of athlete implement targeted weight training and exercise into your workout regime. From this realization, VOTWEAR was born.

Mehdi was not the only one in his family captivated by occlusion training and research. His brothers, Nayyer and Sina, joined him in his new research. Sina Ettehadulhagh is a practicing doctor as well as Mehdi, and the two of them together developed visionary occlusion training support products and business psychology to promote them. Nayyer Ettehadulhagh holds a master’s degree in business and administration, skills he used to develop a pioneering business model for the family-run VOTWEAR brand.

The team behind VOTWEAR has not had an easy journey. Mehdi and his brothers struggled at first with getting their team off the ground in an increasingly digital commerce world. not Social media became a key focus of the brothers’ development strategy. Being seen and heard online is essential to a successful company, so VOTWEAR created its podcast channel called VOTCAST with a focus on creating content for athletes and fitness entrepreneurs looking for performance advice and motivation, or who are simply in search of a community. With VOTCAST, VOTWEAR began developing a unique and focused brand ideology and identity, one centered around innovation, expansion, and patience. Growth is a process, and the Ettehadulhagh brothers understood from day one that slow and steady work would create a brand they could truly be proud of.

Though COVID threw a wrench in the plan of the VOTWEAR team, they quickly adapted and have come out the other side of this pandemic stronger than ever. Despite many gyms closing Mehdi continued to create quality occlusion training gear to support home workouts. VOTWEAR also redirected a portion of company profits to the Seattle Foundation Fund for battling COVID-19, their way of giving back to the people that help VOTWEAR stay strong.

The team’s dedication to pursuing success and patiently working forward has allowed them to develop three more revolutionary occlusion SmartWear clothing items, including the HTM1 (the world’s first Occlusion Training Wear) and Muscle Hypertrophy Accelerating Wear that accumulates lactic acid using localized pressure that increases muscle mass and strength.

VOTWEAR’s key to success has been their continued patient drive, persistence, and commitment to creating quality equipment centered around the revolutionary benefits of occlusion training. You can find out more about Mehdi and the VOTWEAR team on social media at @mehdiettehadulhagh as well as on the official Podcast of VOTWEAR, VOTCAST on Facebook, YouTube, Apple Podcast, and Spotify.



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