Umberto Vitale is helping entrepreneurs secure their financial futures

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Umberto Vitale is an entrepreneur, investment expert, and business educator. Born in Italy, he demonstrated an early knack for business. Over the years he’s learned as much as he can about business, investing, and creating wealth that lasts.

Today Umberto runs Vitaltrading Business Academy, an online school that gives entrepreneurs the tips and tools they need to succeed in business.

Success as a Business Prodigy

Umberto had his first business success when he was only a teenager. During his early teenage years, Fast and Furious was released and created a high demand for tuning accessories for cars. Umberto saw this demand and started his first business, one that catered to people looking for car accessories.

Without knowing anything about dropshipping, Umberto started a business using the dropshipping model. He reached out to a German company and made an agreement that he would sell their parts in his eBay store. Since the consumers in his country were wary of buying from retailers abroad, this allowed the German company to sell their parts in Italy. When a customer bought an item, the German company would ship it to them directly.

His business was a success, allowing Umberto to invest in his passion for music and break free from depending on his family’s finances. After graduation, he started to work in a family business. He learned everything he could about the strategies and methods the business used for their commerce and management.

In 2008 the financial crisis hit, threatening companies of all sizes. This family business survived largely due to Umberto’s business instincts. He made changes to help the company move from impending collapse to new heights of success. The company adopted technological innovation and automation to improve its processes.

Umberto’s Growth as an Investor

Becoming a successful businessman wasn’t enough for Umberto. He realized that he could invest the profits from his businesses to earn more money. After learning everything he could about investing, he allowed his money to work for him.

In 2010, Umberto broke into the world of real estate by purchasing his first properties. He bought properties from judicial auctions, creating passive income with the real estate. Around this time, he also began to invest in Forex Trading. By diversifying his streams of income, Umberto has built an empire he’ll one day pass to his children.

Signature Dreams is an ecommerce business Umberto started in 2015. This business uses the dropshipping model to sell cinematographic and musical memorabilia. The company has found significant success and media attention.

Umberto profited from the cryptocurrency bubble in 2018. Since then, he’s invested in learning all he can about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin. Recently he’s even developed his own cryptocurrency, using it to incentivize and reward business employees and collaborators.

In 2019, Umberto completed his university education. During his college years, he focused on business administration, communication techniques, and business management. Today he uses all of his knowledge and experience to teach the students of Vitaltrading Business Academy.

Vitaltrading Business Academy: Equipping Entrepreneurs for Success

VitalTrading Business Academy is an online learning academy founded to help other entrepreneurs find the same success and financial stability as Umberto. To reap the benefits of the academy, students only need a smartphone and access to the internet.

Umberto teaches important principles to help individuals make more money while spending less time at work. He shows them how to automate their businesses and use smart investing to maximize their earning potential. Students get the tools they need to build and improve their businesses.

The step-by-step assistance provided by VitalTrading Business Academy allows students to invest in a successful financial future. Umberto provides monthly one-on-one calls to give them the guidance they need to become the businessmen of tomorrow.



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