A healthy lifestyle will remain top of the list as long as everyone wants to go about their daily routines or activities in the best shape possible. The majority have devise means of making sure of that personally and some other in accordance with another.

Every health expert will agree that many are deliberate about getting the best advice possible to keep healthy which is why they get to attend to several clients on health and diet-related issues.

A health expert and dietitian, Maritza Moreno is one of the unique experts who through selected key experiences created a sustainable weight loss and health improvement approach, observing that many clients push too hard to satisfy their immediate desire to lose weight or to satisfy other health demands, it only lasts for a while and afterward returns just to start all over again.

She pointed out important keys that can help to guild clients into sustainable health and weight loss lifestyle.


Know your Client: It all starts with the coach-ability of the client, having a more personal approach to administering service to your clients can birth a sustainable result, the amount of overall knowledge transfer that occurred, and most importantly their ability to be vulnerable with their health expert and help them understand exactly what their life does look like so they can plan according to reality vs. them trying to fit their lives conveniently into someone else’s little box.

Start from the client’s mindset and lifestyle so that practical and more workable practices can be designed for the client. This is usually a long term approach that can be sustained because clients don’t forcefully infuse new practices into their days, but rather, they learn to adjust to a more healthy lifestyle when you take them through a journey of self-reflection & exploration and by putting the focus in their life back on themselves so they can slow down and notice the habits and behaviors that are not serving them.

Approach clients differently: Every client is not the same even if they want the same thing, The key lesson here is realizing that while there are some shared & common behavioral themes that tend to keep people stuck health-wise, the solution for overcoming a certain hurdle in one client’s vs. another client’s life can look very different depending on who you are working with. The main thing that makes the statistic about weight loss failure in our country truly is that people are going after these unsustainable approaches that they could never see themselves carrying on with past a few months.

While some clients may need strict prescriptions, others may just need a long time of education and mental empowerment. Once we help people learn to identify & respect the real-life challenges that they face every day, then this becomes much less a matter of living feeling ashamed about your health or your weight status and more an experience of becoming empowered to be your best self.



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