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Boban John
3 min readApr 28, 2021
Kelly Petering

Kelly Petering understands what it’s like to lack confidence. It took time and work to be able to show up on camera or in front of an audience and feel authentic. Many people grow self-critical and are worried they’ll be judged by those around them. By changing your focus and doing ‘inner work’ you’re able to finally tackle those confidence challenges.

As a voiceover artist, public speaker, and business coach, Kelly is dedicated to helping women rise above their lack of confidence so they can prosper and become leaders in their chosen field. Understanding her purpose has helped drive her in her quest to help others.

Often, people freeze up in front of a camera, and rather than being natural and comfortable, you end up having a different effect. What if you were confident? How would that change the way you interacted with others, and allow you to make an impact on your audience’s lives?

Having been shy herself, she learned what she needed to go forward, and took the necessary time to work through and overcome her confidence issues. How could she help others if she couldn’t put herself out there? It took hard work and dedicated energy to put it all together. Today, she’s taken what she’s learned and uses it to help guide other women in their entrepreneur journeys, especially when it comes to their presence on camera, such as recording a video.

You have an important message to share with others, but if you’re closed down and unable to present it, it stays locked away. A lack of confidence holds you back from thriving. Through a combination of acting and training, Kelly found a set of skills that helped her understand things such as body language and voice projection, but it wasn’t until she focused on human behavior that it all came together. It allowed her to focus on personal development and the psychology of confidence, which she’s brought with her into her coaching career.

Today, she offers workshops and programs to help women entrepreneurs build their camera confidence. She does this so they can use the power of video to get their message out to their chosen audience. The impact of video has grown massive, especially with the ongoing use of social media. By using video, many of her clients have found better results over-relying on traditional methods like an image or blog post. The video makes a difference, plain and simple.

Connecting with your audience is easier via video. It allows you to build trust because people can see your face or hear your voice and authenticity. When it comes down to it, building relationships with your audience through video is a great way to not only make an impact but also save you time.

Don’t let the fear of rejection or judgment hold you back from getting your message out. There are ways to improve your confidence and finally feel comfortable on camera. An internal focus is a part of what holds many people back in their journey. Rather, look to the audience you’re trying to help — focus on them and you’ll find greater success.

To learn more about Kelly Petering and how she helps women build confidence on camera, you can find her both in her Facebook group Speak with Confidence ~ for women in business, or at her website:



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