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Max Trub and his brother, Constantine Trub, are twin brothers from Brooklyn, NY and the co-founders behind On their platform, they help people embrace a mindset shift that allows them to gain true and meaningful freedom over all areas of their lives.

The brothers first saw the power of mentoring when they were only teenagers. When they were only 13, they dreamed of eventually founding and running a business together. After being mentored at the age of 16, Max started several 6 and 7 figure businesses in his teenage years. As the twin business phenomenons prepare to enter their twenties, they are helping others fight for their freedoms through

Helping Individuals around the World Find Freedom

After starting and growing several successful businesses, Max Trub and Constantine Trub reinvested their money to create They worked with today’s leading innovators and created a blueprint to help awaken the masses. It is their mission to reform the world and help everyday people live a life filled with true freedom.

The goal behind the company is to create a school of thought that’s one hundred times more effective than college education for less than 1% of the cost. People don’t need useless degrees provided by outdated systems of education. They need mentorship to help propel them to success.

The platform is dedicated to directing all manifestations of the will to help people win back their freedom. Max Trub knows from his own experience that more is possible than mere survival. After reaching 8-figure online business heights by the age of 18, he knows that the world holds unlimited possibilities.

Through their platform, they want to see people avoid fear and conquer their anxiety and anguish. People who engage with will find real and effective motives that produce real results.

Unfortunately, too many people are morally ‘enslaved’ without even knowing it. We live in a limitless world with limitless potential, but too many people live with wasted potential. With, Max Trub & his twin brother Constantine Trub are helping free people from the bonds of debt, limitation, and distraction.

The Philosophies behind

Don’t let the founders’ young age fool you. Max and Constantine have done the philosophical legwork to support the claims on They discovered that 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships. Additionally, 97% of individuals with a mentor feel highly impactful and valuable.

They diligently worked to put all the ideas, learning, and experience they had into one company. The platform condenses and simplifies the wisdom of hundreds of notable figures in history, providing a thorough education in philosophy, psychology, and science. This knowledge provides individuals with the tools they need to create everyday freedom. The platform’s deep dive into intellectualism has already distinguished them from every single education business today.

Max wants to see future generations replace pessimism with a thirst for knowledge. Because the brain is a muscle, greatness is possible with proper instruction. Instead of allowing traditional education and its associated costs to become a barrier, is providing the education people need to reach their potential.

The Story Behind “Once Upon a Time Online”

Max Trub and his brother Constantine Trub have released the business short film of the year: “Once Upon a Time Online.” This documentary allows the viewer to get an in-depth glimpse at their lives, business, and the revolutionary freedom work they’re doing through

Their journey follows them from Brooklyn, New York to Africa, Europe, California and beyond. You’ll get a closer look at their youth and enthusiasm and how they’ve harnessed those things to radically change the world. This short film is ranked as the world’s most ground-breaking take on today’s digital economy and free thought.

“Food for thought” is clearly on the menu with this short film, along with a few laughs and several hard-hitting emotional moments. This documentary proved to be the most powerful freedom call yet! If you want to learn more about Max and Constantine, watch “Once Upon a Time Online” on-demand on the website.



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