An Interview With Talented Entrepreneur & DJ Alexander ‘’Iconic’’ Valentine

Boban John
3 min readMar 11, 2021


Alexander Valentine is an Entrepreneur who owns a Media agency that helps businesses with digital marketing.

Tell us about who you are and what you do.

I run a media agency and we help businesses reach an audience online on the web. We do anything from paid ads, filming, pr placement.

Tell us how you created this brand and what was the sole idea behind it.

I decided to create my agency because I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I got tired of working for someone else and not being able to set my own hours and not being able to go on vacation when I wanted to. I wanted more freedom and to be able to work with something that I love is truly an amazing feeling. I am into marketing and coming up with different strategies to reach people through social media.

Go in detail and tell us about how your brand works. You may keep this from the audience’s perspective.

My agency has lots of relationships with clients that we work with on a regular basis. When they want to do a campaign through social media they contact us. We sit down and talk about their goal with their campaign then we present different ideas on how to execute them.

Explain the challenges you went through while you were working on brand creation. What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

In the beginning, the challenge was not knowing when my first client would come. Luckily, I got my first client pretty fast because I am so driven. I think the reason why I was able to do this is that I made market research and I read a lot of interviews with entrepreneurs in my niche and I learned from them and did similar strategies that they did in order to get clients and it helped.

Tell us your future vision about the brand. How far do you want to take it? What is your dream about taking it to the next level?

My future vision is not only filming for brands but also for music artists and also produce and help financing films in Hollywood.

What message would you like to give to anybody who has a plan of creating something of their own and making a living through it?

Make market research in the niche you want to work in. Read a lot of interviews about people in your niche and if you have their social media contact them and ask questions on how to succeed. Most entrepreneurs would actually reply in my own experience.

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