Creating and Selling Digital Products: A Journey Toward Freedom By Katiuscia Baggio

Katiuscia Baggio

In 2008, I went to London to attend an intense weekend seminar with T. Harv Heker, an American expert in building abundance and financial freedom. That was probably the first time I heard the words “passive income” and I started to be in love with that concept.

Not having to trade my time with money was certainly an appealing goal to achieve, but I was not ready. At that time, I was working as an executive education director at CIMBA Italy, an American Business and Leadership School. The year before, CIMBA allowed me to go to London and get trained as a coach. I happily accepted and I realized that being a coach was my call. Helping people to develop their potential and achieve their goals was making me the happiest person in the world. In 2008 CIMBA also allowed me to be a leadership trainer, working with companies, executives, and MBA participants from all around the world. Another amazing opportunity that confirms to me that adult education was my field.

2008 was not for me the time yet to create passive income. I was building my professional experience and the best way to do it was to meet CIMBA clients in person, doing as many hours of coaching and training as possible. This is what I did, until March 2019, where I felt it was time for me to start my venture with the creation of digital products. It was time to start to build passive income and help people in a scalable and global way.

From 2008 to 2018, a lot of things happened. I became an ICF coach, PCC level, and I built a robust professional experience, delivering my services both in Italy and in other countries. I also became a coach trainer and an ICF mentor coach, while continuing to be executive education director.

It has not been an easy choice to leave my job and start my own business. It took me a lot of courage and a certain degree of pain since CIMBA was the place where I grow up personally and professionally. It was not just a working place, it was much more than that. On the other side, the call to create my own business was strong.

I finally jumped and here I am after almost two years. In the first year of my freelancing activities, I was still doing a lot of in-person coaching and training, for CIMBA. At the same time, I’ve been able to also create my first online self-paced course, learning everything by myself, in my apartment.

Then Covid-19 came and suddenly everything was moved online. This gave me more time to focus on my venture and it was a turning point for me. I built and published two more courses on Udemy, where I currently have more than 22,000 students , and other platforms. I also started to build my academy on

Another big achievement of 2020 is my book, which I self-published on Amazon first in Italian, in August, and then in English, in November. I wrote my book two years ago. In Italy, unless you are a famous person with a lot of followers on social media, it’s quite hard to find a publisher that doesn’t take your money. It didn’t happen. On the other side, all the publishers that were asking for money would have been happy to take care of my book.

In July 2020 I decided I could not wait anymore and I decided to go ahead by myself and self-publish with Amazon. With the help of freelancers, I hired on UpWork and Fiverr, I created both the paper and Kindle versions. My book in Italian reached

  • the position n.2, top 100, most interesting new books list, self-help category, work&success;
  • the position n. 51 in the bestseller list, top 100, same category.

The one in English reached after few days position n. 31, top 100, most interesting new books, Amazon Italy.

I’m sharing all these results to make a point. I was ashamed to self-publish because I thought it was showing by book was not worthy. I did it, and I feel like it was the best choice I could make. Royalties are much higher, and you have more control over the promotion and sales process. The ranking success was also great satisfaction.

Key learning points? When you doubt yourself, the world doubts you. When you believe in yourself and you make bold decisions, the world like and follow you.

I’m now excited to share with others what I have learned so far. In January 2021 I will offer self-paced training on how to create and publish your first online course. If you want more details on it, please send a mail to

My book “Improvise and Succeed” is available on Amazon, in English, and Italian (“Improvvisare per Vincere”). It’s about how theatrical improvisation skills can help in everyday life to manage uncertainty, build positive relationships, and live better. Years ago I took some improv courses at The Second City School in Chicago and I was shocked about how commonalities there were between improv, coaching, and leadership development. I decided to write a book, creating an 8 steps training methodology. In the book, I also shared my story and explained how improv principles helped to overcome some remarkable challenges I had in my life, for example, stuttering.

I still have a long journey in front of me but I’m happy about my courage and my determination in pursuing the dream I had since 2008. Helping people on a global level with my life story and my professional experience and, at the same time, building a scalable business; that’s my call right now in my life. What’s yours?

Remember, where there is a will there is a way!

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