Business Coach Shannon Bain Helps Entrepreneurs Push Their Limits

Shannon Bain believes that there are two primary ways of living: either devoting yourself to staying within your comfort zone or devoting your life to freeing yourself from the limits you use to confine yourself.

A business coach, entrepreneur, website designer, and company owner, Shannon Bain is no stranger to overcoming limits. She was constantly challenged by her inner critic and had to learn to put herself out there and let go of things that were holding her back in order to start her business.

As the owner of Shannon Bain Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency in Australia, Shannon had put her heart, mind, and identity into her business, which became almost an obsession because of the high stakes involved. This was a frightening prospect when she considered the possibility of failure, but she conquered her fear and seized the opportunities and ideas that came along because she made the conscious realization that she wanted them more than she feared them.

In other words, she knew that the pain of not taking action and not growing was far more excruciating than the temporary pain of stretching her boundaries.

By pushing her limits and holding onto her ambitions, Shannon Bain has been able to build and grow a profitable coaching and digital agency in less than a year, quickly becoming a stand-out brand in the online world. She now specializes in mentoring independent professionals to help them develop into highly demanded service providers.

She has become known for her relentless pursuit of excellence, no-frills approach to business strategy, and delivery of top-quality results-focused services. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs create thriving businesses and excel in their industry by mastering their systems, mindset and marketing.

Shannon Bain started her company to help service-based business owners create more visibility and profitability online. Because she started in the middle of the 2020 pandemic herself, she knew that many business owners were struggling to transition their operations in the most effective way possible, which inspired her to help them adapt more easily.

She also recognized that there were a large number of people who were looking to start a business centered on their passions, but needed some guidance and clarity about how they could make it work.

To meet this need, Shannon boiled down her observations into three main areas of improvement, which have become her signature trio:

  • Systems: the way owners operate their business on a day-to-day basis, which can limit the amount of income and impact they could have.

Shannon Bain has seen firsthand how mastering these areas work consistently for her clients who want to start or scale up their business, with a growing number of clients crediting transformational results using her method. She also mentioned the importance of branding, customer experience and quality service delivery as an important key to success.

“Most clients come to me because they need a marketing strategy or new website, but what they leave with is a whole new perspective on ways they can show up to their audience online, eliminate the things they are struggling with and drive better results in less time,” Shannon said.

“Our philosophy is to pursue constant, never-ending, consistent improvement and this method resonates through all that we do, with most clients gaining a long-term ’virtual’ business partnership.”

Shannon Bain Digital has exciting plans for next year, including a team expansion, additional services for agency clients, and even online courses to complement private coaching programs, which will be launching in May, 2021.

“My message to anyone who has a vision of making it on their own, starting a business or pursuing their passions, is to remember that while it may seem like you will never make enough progress to get ahead, the steps you take today, while small, will compound into something great over time,” she said. “And even if you fail 1,000 times, you will be 1,000 steps ahead of those who never tried at all.”

Shannon Bain is currently offering a free 30-minute coaching session to any entrepreneur who are interested in her method. There are also a number of free resources available on her website.

To book or learn more about how she can help you achieve your business goals, visit



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